For young professionals & new entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

Helping you use technology to control expenses, optimize your time, and obtain continuing education.

 You don't have to spend more to make more.

Yeah, I know that is contrary to what you have heard, but reducing wasteful spending allows you to do more within a tight budget.  It's very stressful and overwhelmingly hard to grow your business when you always feel like your just working to get yourself "out of the hole". There is no reason to endlessly stretch your budget just to maintain your current state. Use your hard earned money for business and education growth opportunities that work for you.

 You can't make more time, but you can use it better.

It's expensive to hire consultants/contractors to help with your business, and almost impossible for small businesses in the beginning. Being more efficent with behind the scene aspects of your business allows you to do more without being burntout. Burnout is a huge threat to your wellbeing as a person regarless of your business plan.

 Hone your craft, and become an expert in your niche.

You're saving money and avoiding burn out, now its time to build your expertise. Learning is essential for your growth, and should be an asset to your career. Live education allows you to learn, and meet other local professionals. Online education is convenient education access without lacking quality of material, and available on a global level.

I am an Independent fitness professional just like you, and I don't like wasting time or money. I don't have any employees and train clients 1-1 and in small groups. Everything I do with FITLETE is to help me use my time, and money as a trainer more effectively. If it can help me I know it can help you too. ~George Pagan III

You're joining a community of fitness professionals with the same mission. Let's help eachother grow.

When starting out you don't always have the budget to hire help, or outsource tasks for all of your business needs; you end up doing everything yourself. This will limit your potential for growth, and increase the risk of being overworked.