Your life as an entrepreneur fitness professional is about to get a whole lot easier.

FITLETE Fitness professional membership to bridge the gap

Hey! I'm George Pagan III, a personal trainer working in Miami, FL, USA

 I HATE INEFFICIENCY, just hate it! Inefficiency means I'm wasting valuable time, effort, & money for literally no reason whatsoever. 

I've been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Unfortunatly, in that time I found our industry has been operating in a world of: pointless isolation between specialties, being left behind using business technologies, and full of difficulties finding continuing education opportunities. I had to do something.

I started FITLETE to unify the industry by focusing on the frustrations every strength coach, personal trainer, rehab clinician, group class instructor, and student will encounter when building a career within their specialty. 

Here's how your life will get easier with FITLETE

 The largest up-to-date, map style databse of live continuing education workshops, seminars & conferences.

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 List of 400+ companies offering diverse online and in person continuing education courses. 

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 Directory of 100+ business management tools that cost ZERO dollars to use in your training business.

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 How-to guide for on demand apparel and promo branding without bulk orders or presales. 

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 A Free corporate benefits program increasing your access to obtain discounts, special projects, and work with companies in our industry. 

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You're joining a community of fitness professionals with the same mission. 
When starting out you don't always have the budget to hire help, or outsource tasks for all of your business needs; you end up doing everything yourself. 

Let's help eachother grow.