For the young fitness professionals grinding away in the trenches.

When you don't have the budget to hire help or outsource tasks for all of your business needs; you end up doing everything yourself. FITLETE helps you do it all without burning out.

I am an independent fitness professional just like you, and I don't like wasting time or money when I can find or create better options to fulfill a need.

Everything I build with FITLETE is to help you find continuing education, connect with other trainers in your area, control business expenses, and use technology to save time and money. If it can help me with my training business I know it can help you too.

Take a peek at our membership features


Live continuing ed. directory

 Have you ever found out there was a seminar in your area after it was over?

Our maps help you easily find thousands of CEU events without having to search for them on your own.

Explore The Maps

Online Continuing ed. directory

 Can't attend a live event but still need high quality education?

Online and home study education is one of the best options to acquire knowledge during your busy season.

Explore Online Edu.

Free business resource directory

 Are you stuck draining your budget using big expensive software?

Use feature rich software just like the big guys that starts for free, and only pay when you grow.

Explore Free Stuff

On-Demand Custom Branding

 Tired of bulk orders, pre-sale requirments, and leftover inventory?

You need the ability to spread your brand without being locked into large orders and restrictive design options.

Promote Your Brand

Corporate Benefits Program

 Need a group of professionals to get special access and discounts together?

A members club leveraging the purchasing power of similar businesses to obtain discounts, special access.

Leverage Your Power

Thanks for scrolling this far down the page. If you have any questions feel free to reach out! I'm on all the socials and I live in Miami, FL if you are ever in town let's grab a coffee. If you just want a quick chat scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "contact|support link". Talk to you soon!               ~George Pagan III

You're joining a community of fitness professionals with the same mission. Let's help eachother grow.

When starting out you don't always have the budget to hire help, or outsource tasks for all of your business needs; you end up doing everything yourself. Let's work together to avoid that stress.