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Realistic & effective solutions to reach your strength and fitness goals.

When life feels like it keeps getting in the way of your results you need realistic solutions, not extreme changes that fight against demands of your life.

Hey! My name is George Pagan III.
I am going to be your coach.

I'm a personal trainer in Miami, FL. I have worked with a wide variety of clients from pro/college athletes to someone like your dear ole grandparents.

My ideal client is a high performing Miami resident in their 30's-50's who has hit a frustrating plateau in their strength & fitness.

Your training experience will be personalized to your needs, and work within your current lifestyle. No prior training experience necessary.

In Miami

The best option for private 1-on-1 coaching. Perfect if you're seeking live motivation, accountability, and a highly personalized experienced.

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The best option for a highly personalized coaching experience without the stress of coordinating sessions if you have a demanding schedule.

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What people are saying
about George

George is a true professional! He is very knowledgeable not only in exercises, but also in human body mechanics and nutrition! I’ve had 4 (!!!) personal trainers before I started working out with him and I only regret that I couldn’t find him sooner! It felt like those ‘trainers’ didn’t really know what they were doing. George corrected my form on almost all the exercises that I thought I was doing right! Then he set a diet plan for me and a workout plan and all that together WORKED!!! When we started working out I was about 36lbs overweight, had no idea what I was eating and how to work out. Now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, feel fantastic and more than ever I SEE my progress. George is the best personal trainer!!!

Dmitrii S.

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George is a reliable and well-rounded coach who always provides the best training experience with individualized programs for my specific goals. It’s extremely helpful he’s available for both online and in-person training whether I’m in the gym or traveling. Highly recommended!

Nicole C.

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This is the type of trainer you want and didn't know you needed. There are lots of knowledgeable trainers out there when it comes to what to do at the gym, but that knowledge does not equal understanding the human body and better yet, YOUR particular needs. You want progress? You want real life results? You want someone who will personalize your workouts and help you listen to your body? George is the one you need. My continuous progress speak for all this.

Karina M.

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George is the best trainer anyone can ask for  He's A great guy he we’ll get u to your goals u just gotta put in the work George changed my life let him change yours.

Sholom L.

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George has helped me so much. He's very knowledgeable about how to train individuals with injuries, which was key for me. He helped me regain my strength after a series of accidents, gave me the tools to know how to do a productive workout on my own, and even helped me with a meal plan! In short, I don't know how I would have gotten to where I am now without him.

Jessica B.

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I've known George for over 2 years, he's very well rounded coach for any type of client. Whether you have experience or not at the gym. He's knowledgeable enough to target specific goals you want to meet within the equipment and time available in your life. Definitely a great coach! 

Alma P.

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Let's Reach Those Goals

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