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Podcasts Are more than just "another medium for content".

Sure, podcasts are a place for great conversation, but they are also one of the best avenues for exploring ideas, debating conflicting perspectives, and getting a look inside the minds of the top talent creating change in our industry across specialities.

Podcasts help connect a community of professionals young and old through shared experiences, wisdom gained, and getting exposure to people you otherwise would never have heard of.

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Hey! I'm George Pagan III, a personal trainer working in Miami, FL, USA

 I LOVE PODCASTS, just Love them! When done with care, they have the ability to make the same impact as the printing press did for the spead of knowledge through books.

Podcasts started well before I listened to my first episode in 2010. I started listening to every Sunday. I instructed 2/3 back-to-back group exercise classes, trained a client, followed by a 6 hour "break" until my next floor shift & training appointment. It was too far to drive back to my parents house so I took this break at the Panera Bread cafe just 5 minutes away. This is where I studied for certifications, and was introduced to the connected world of the fitness industry through podcasts and inverviews.

They weren't just "pieces of content" they were part of my education. I wanted to help fuel that in others and created this directory to help host make better shows and show the value of podcasts to the industry.
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