Even the free membership tier gets access to these member perks. 

  • I like building connections within our industry and hope to help bridge the gaps between the people and organizations that provide amazing opportunities to grow as professionals.
  • Unlike other organizations when FITLETE makes these partnership connections FITLETE does not look to make a profit on the "back-end" of this relationship. FITLETE prefers to remain as independant or third-party as possible to not betray the trust of it's loyal members.
Access Member Benefits

Key Features of a FITLETE Membership

Live Education Partners

Live education bring more to tthe table than just getting information presented to you. You also get the opportunity to exapand your network of friends and colleagues.

  • Catalyst Athletics
  • Clinical Athlete
  • Evidence Based Fitness Academy
  • HawkGrips
  • Immaculate Dissection
  • Muscle Activation Techniques
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Original Strength
  • PLAE Labs
  • Postural Restoration Institute
  • RockTape
  • Smarter Team Training
  • More to come...

Online Education Partners

Live events can be too expensive or conflict with your business schedule, and online education can be the perfect substitute to absorb quality information at your own schedule and pace.

  • Brookbush Institute
  • Global Performance Summit
  • HRV Course
  • International Youth Conditioning Association
  • Postural Resteration Institute Home Study
  • Revolution Strong Summit
  • More to come...

Business Resource Partners

A group purchasing organization for business tools and resources that every service based business in the fintness industry uses.

  • Fancy Hands Assistants
  • Moonclerk 
  • Wistia Video
  • More to come...

Training Resourse Partners

A group purchasing organization for training toold and resources specifically for training, performance, rehab professionals use.

  • Athlete By Design
  • Autism Fitness
  • Excel Training Designs
  • On Target Publications
  • Stronger Than U Equipment
  • The Barbell Physio
  • More to come...

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.