The best way to aquire knowledge & CEU's during your busy season.

It's not always an option to travel for large conferences or attend live seminars in your area. Online courses are the best option to learn regardless if it fits your schedule or not. You don't even have to look for them on your own anymore. We found them for you. 

We see the value of Online Education Opportunities and want to make it easy for you take advantage of these courses, programs, and conferences.

Reduce Search Exhaustion

Say goodbye to endless searches that end up showing you the same results over and over again. FITLETE has done these searches for you and compiled everything into an easy to access directory that allows you to spend time doing actually doing the courses instead of looking for them. 

Find out when waitlists & enrollment periods open

How many email newsletters can you sign up for and actually get to them all before your inbox has 1,000 unread messages in it? There has to be a better way and we are building a directory of courses that will alert you when courses with limited enrollment dates are made available. 

Find topic specific courses you never knew existed

Sometimes no matter how good you are searching for stuff on Google, following "the right people" or signing up for newsletters there's a good chance you'll miss out on courses you never knew existed. We eliminate those walls between you and all available courses.

Don't worry if you missed a web conference/seminar

Your slow season might not align with when a web conference, live seminar, webinar is held and you have to miss it. Luckily most organizations have begun to record their experiences because they understand the value they hold to those who missed the events.

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.