FITLETE is all about providing you with more convenience in how you advance your career through education. 

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Think of FITLETE like the author of an award winning, best selling book.
FITLETE spends the time and effort to collect, assess, and analyze information spread around the world, and then tells the compelling story of this information in a way where it takes you a fraction of the time & effort to receive the full benefits.

FITLETE helps you stay focused on delivery the best experience for your clients, and spend less time outside of coaching searching to resources to help you hone your craft as a personal trainer.

Featuring Education From:

  •   Find In-Person seminars, conferences & workshops coming to your local area.
  •   Discover live virtual events for when you can't, or don't want to travel for education.
  •   Sign up for online courses before they close their registration for the season.
  •   Explore self-guided courses you can complete without taking time away from your work.
  •   Watch previously recorded webinars and lectures from the most respected professionals.
  •   Check out coaching tools and business software to be a better entrepreneur. 
  •   Rate & Review education, mentorships & business tools.
  •   Connect with like-minded professionals local to you and while at events.

Want To Work With FITLETE?

Building relationships with like-minded companies in the fitness industry is how we work to bridge the gap between specialties and create a more unified field for all professionals.

If you offer continuing education or think your company can help small business/entrepreneur fitness professionals then I want to work with you ASAP!