The Transparency Report

I want you to know where your membership goes, and how FITLETE operates behind the scenes. I value the transparency in both my personal life and business so, while this is not a required for private businesses It is important to me. I want to make sure that when you sign up as a member you not only find great value in the services that are included, but you also trust the entity behind it. It's that simple.

These Reports will be updated 2 times per calendar year.


Ambassadors & Partners

FITLETE's relationships within the industry.

Once Our Ambassador program is live this will be a list of the current ambassadors.

Once our partnership program is open this is be a list of the partners we work with and the brief important details of our relationship and how it impacts you as a member.

Want to be an Ambassador?Want to join as a Business Partner?

Fundraising to Find a cure for Alzheimer's

My grandfather has Alzheimer's and I want to support the research to find a cure with Cure Alzheimer's Fund.

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