Live Event Review Submissions

Use this form to assist other professionals in selecting their next continuing education opportunity.

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This form is estimated to take 1-3 minutes to fill out. 
Contains 3 Parts: Event Info, Scored Questions & optional non-scored short answer questions.

  • Event Information: 7 questions to help determine the live event you attended, and the host venue you visited.
  • Scored Questions: 12 Likert scale questions that will produce a number rating for accuracy, professionalism, and value.
  • Optional Short Answer Questions: The chance for you to provide context to support your answers to the scaled questions. These do not contribute to the score, but add value to someone looking at this event in the future.
Today's Date
Type of event
Date of event
How would you rate the host location?

How advanced was the language and concepts around information discussed?
The event titles & marketing accurately describe the event.
The Event was well organized.
Clear goals & expectations were established before covering the material.
The event Hosts, speakers & presenters met your goals and expectations for the event.
The speakers & presenters clearly explained the material for you and other attendees.
Questions from the attendees were  encouraged and answered  as best as possible.
The material and style of presenting the information was unique compared to other events.
Speakers provided or included sufficient support for teaching their material.
This event exceeded my expectations.
This event was worth the investment of time & money to help advance my career.
I feel confident the event's speakers, material and experience are valuable and, I would recommend them to a colleague. 

These next 5 questions are optional short answer questions that you can add more context to the answers you provided above.

What was the MOST useful piece of information that stood out to you after attending this event?
What was the LEAST favorite part of this event?
If anything, what could this event add, subtract or modify to provide more value for attendees?
A lot of material was covered in this event, what or how will you apply what you learned?
Add any final comments or thoughts you think would be beneficial for everyone to hear.