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FITLETE Lifetime Membership

Access Every Project & Feature with Zero Recurring Fees...Forever!
Spend that money on your education, your business & your happiness.
 $100 Lifetime Membership
  •  Your Own Personalized Dashboard
  •   The FITLETE Members Map
  •   Create an In Person Seminar Host & Facility Profile
  •  Advanced Filters & Search Options For In Person Seminar Map
  •  Advanced Filters & Search Options For Live Virtual Seminars
  •  Advanced Filters & Search Options For Online
  •   View and Submit In-Person & Virtual Event Reviews
  •   View and Submit Online Course Ratings Reviews
  •  FITLETE Radio Feature Episode- Introduce yourself to the world with your own episode on the FITLETE radio podcast! I love podcasts & I want you build this love with me.
  •  Weekly Newsletter & Deal Alerts- I'm "building in public". Stay in the know with advancements/improvements to your membership, Alert of events and courses for the week, & take advantage of special deals for members.
  •  The FITLETE Project timeline- Find out what projects are in the pipeline for our future development & projects. Members have the ability to request changes to further support the benefits of all lifetime members.
  •  The FITLETE Transparency report- I believe there is power in being transparent with my business practices. This is all being built for you.
  •  Help Me Fundraise For Cure Alzheimer's Fund- I donate a portion of revenue and my personal income to CureALZ Fund . You can find this info in my transparency report once logged in.
 $100 Lifetime Membership
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