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Practical Solutions For Today's Fitness Professionals

The fitness industry is changing fast. Is your business ready for those changes?

FITLETE creates, curates, and promotes innovative solutions that allow you to grow your business in the direction you want without being left behind!

Did you know the majority of our industry is made up of independant practicioners, and small businesses?

These solopreneurs & small businesses need to manage everything from the marketing, advertising, brand development, financials, and taxes as well as the client experience on a day to day basis. Budget friendly, and time effieicnt solutions to common issues is what they need most.

Continuing education events directory 

- Search thousands of continuing education events on one site -
CEU Events Map

We are better than Google at finding CEU seminars, workshops & conferences.

Find High quality CEU's all year long without wasting time searching each organization one by one. 
Displayed on an easy to navigate map
View by each month of the year
Plan Your Continuing Ed. in advance
Get discounts & special pricing 

Your FREE business development partner

- We build relationships to give you an advantage building your business -
Free Personal Trainer Membership

Unlike those other Facebook & LinkedIN groups you belong to, we actual do something.

Those groups are great if all you want do is have conversations with like-minded colleagues; we are different.

Get Access to:
Business management tools tutorials
Special pricing on training products
Learn to use Free & Open source tools to grow when you budget is tight.
Continuing education discounts & exclusive access.

Branding Personal Trainers

- On-demand small business branding, creating client billboards to increase brand awareness -
fitness apparel branding

Develop your brand without making orders like you're starting your own clothing line. 

Allow your clients be walking billboards, and storytellers for your brand. 
No "Middleman" between you & the products
No Order Minimums
No pre-sale orders
No Inventory or overstocked products

It's all about getting your brand seen by everyone without ruining your budget.


A personal training app built to address the needs of trainers working online and in-person

Personal Training Software that works in the real world.

How effective is the best coaching, training, or diet plan if you can't follow through with it? Even the best plan can be derailed if it's not flexible for change.

Allow your clients to AIM for a goal, CALIBRATE for life as it happens, and EXECUTE to best hit the target with consistency.