A directory of FREE software to help you reduce business expenses.

All the resources you find here are either 100% free, or have a full feature "Free tier". This allows you to use the the most valuable parts when you are just starting out or learning how to use a new program or software. 

- Everything you need to help you save time & money while growing your business -

Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

Take control of your income and expenses to see where you have or can create room for growth and improvement. Great alternatives to Quickbook like software without the commitment needed to learn the software or the burden of a heavy pricetag.

Anatomy and Injury Education Directories

Fine tune and refresh your memory of the foundations and the language used throughout the allied health profession. Using image and video based resources can help you recall information when learning new concepts and methods from continuing education.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Create an appointment system that works with your business model without needing to perform all these actions manually. It's access to the tools used by larger businesses to streamline their appointment based services.

Automation & Business Efficiency Software

Automation gives you freedom from mundane, monotonous, and time consuming tasks that are needed to run any growing service based business. Learn how to automate the tasks that don't require your own personal touch, so you have room to elevate the ones that do.

Blog & Article Summary Tools

Reading takes time, and time isnt something we always have a lot to spare. Sometimes it is in your best interest to get a preview of an article thaty caught your eye, because sometimes the titles aremore cleverly worded than the actual content. It can also help you summarize your own articles before sharing on social accounts.

Website & Computer Code Education Tools

Computer codes and languages are everywhere and it can be in your best interest to learn the basics unless you wish to hire a developer to for every step of the way. It can be an expensive addition to your  cost of running a business when in reality there is a lot you can do quickly on your own with only novice levels of code education. 

Copyright Free Photos for Web and Social Media

Stop using images from a google search to put on your blog. That seemingly simple task can lead to copyright lawsuits and fines that you didn't know was a possibility at the time. These sites feature images that are 100% free to use both casually and commercially. Some do require an attribution for use, but zero money or account is needed.

Crowdfunding Software and Sites

Collect funds for projects you have passion for, and care about without needing losing valuable dollars to the platform you are using. Sometimes we don't need the extras that come with more robust sortware and platforms. We just need an easy way to express our mission and allow for easy transfer of fund to those that connect with our mission.

Donation Platforms and Software

If your producing content for your audience like podcasts, blog articles, videos, event, or webinars you can now collect large and small donations that allows you sustainably grow and find out who your true fans are.

E-Learning and Univeristy Level Education Sites

The opportunity to take univeristy level courses at your own pace, online, and without the hefty cost associated with univeristy level education. Small business owners and managers usually have multiple responsibilites and a little structured learning can help fill skills you might be missing.

E-Mail Marketing Software

Luckily these options allow you to grow stress free. There are probably 100's of options you can choose from when picking a company for your email marketing. These options have advanced features available for free.

Graphic Design Software & Websites

Unleash your creativity and unique brand identity without being limited by your possible lack of artistic abilities. Yes, you should hire a professional sometimes, but you can do a lot more than you previously could with these awesome free sites and softwares.

Human Resource Management Software

Deveoping a system for human resources is often a neglected piece to growing a business, but it is one of the most important pieces if you want to build a team of people that work together for a centralized goal.

Online Class and Course Builders

Taking your business online can be the most logical step in advancing your training and coaching impact. Creating a catalog of courses, programs, and workouts can help you generate a lower barrior to entry to your services, and generate an additional stream of income into your training business.

Social Media & Website Backlink Software

Social Backlinking allows you to share any type of content you want with a direct link back to your website, new programs and projects. It allows you to share interesting information from across the web without losing all the attention away from your services.

Social Media Bio/Profile Links

Social media platforms only allow you to have one link in your bio, now you can have as many as you want. Social media is a place for you to brocast to the world who you are and what your business is all about.

Narration & Text to Speech Conversion Tools

There is a reason audio books have only grown in popularity. Getting your information through audio recordings is easy to digest and usually quicker than if you were to read that same information. You may not have the time of energy to create an audio version of your blogs, but you can let these tools do it for you.

Text & SMS Marketing Software

SMS or Text marketing is the answer to collecting leads with offline marketing and advertising campaigns outside of email marketing. Texts or SMS are easy, fast and don't require an internet connection to work so it can be a great addition to your marketing efforts offline.

Travel & Working Vacation Websites

The two biggest challenges facing our industry(outside of coaching) is burn-out and live education accessibility. Vacations are usually unpaid time off for our industry, and live education opportunities are not always locally available. These are out of the box options that allow you to experience both with a little less stress.

Video and Movement Analysis Software

Take your client and athlete testing to the next level. As coaches we can develop "an eye" for specific technique adjustments, but we need a way to show those adjustments to our clients on and offline.

Website Chat/Messenger Lead Capture Widgets

Connect with your website vistors when they visit your website. Almost every other platform where your business exsists allows new leads the option to directly connect with you in real time, why should your website be any different?

Website Building Software

Having a professional looking (and working) website is cruicial to the performance of your business growth. It doesnt have to cost thousands to get up and running with a really great site. You can start for free and work yourway to more advanced options and even hire for the more detailed stuff down the road.

Website Change Monitors

Watch and track changes on other websites without needing to visit them everyday. Think of these services like your own personal assistants giving you behind the scenes updates on things not normally broadcasts in newsletter, and push notifications. 

More To Come...

This directory is constantly updated and as the need for new resources to become available FITLETE will be adding or updating resources to fit the needs of fitness entrepreneurs like you.

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.