The Instant benefits of our projects:

  • Better than Google & sites like Eventbrite at finding 1,000's of CEU seminars, workshops & conferences near you.
  • Building transparent relationships with companies to get you discounts and special access no matter your size.
  • Assist you in marketing your brand with promotional marketing like a large company, but without killing your budget.
  • Growing your local network of colleagues, and friends looking to grow just like you to take advantage of being part of a group.
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Key Features of a FITLETE Membership

I Create Transparent Relationships On Your Behalf.

I work with large and small companies who offer diverse continuing education business development, and business services to build a free "corporate benefit program" for small businesses including freelance professionals. These are not sponsorships, or monetary affiliate relationships. You get discounts & special access like larger companies would and I get to continue building projects and connecting with new members at events from around the world.

I Build Awesome Stuff Just For Fitness Professionals

FITLETE's flagship products are the CEU Map which helps you easily find live and online education events 
 and On-Demand Branded Advertising which teaches you to use branded apparel, and other promo items without the requirements of costly order sizes. There are technical gaps in our industry and FITLETE fills them with specialized projects. I make awesome tools help make it easier for us to learn & work. Making it easier to work in the trenches as a new professional.

I Make The Internet Smaller & More Effieicnt For You.

The internet is huge, filter bubbles limit your ability to find what you need. I have already searched for the things you will be looking for both as a fitness professional and to include in FITLETE. Let me save you the time and effort of searching on your own. I compile information you have been looking for into easy to navigate directory of resources.

We become friends, share stories, & start creating memories

It's all about connecting in real life. I've been to local and national level conferences not knowing a single person, but left with friends, mentors, and colleagues for a lifetime. Let's build our network both locally and online to make it easier to attend costly events, conferences and mentorships by sharing resources. 

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.