July: Personal Training Continuing Education
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Here are some of the most common questions I am asked about FITLETE

FITLETE takes live, in-person event information from hundreds of different education providers and compiles them into an easy to view and searchable map.

It's like if you went to your favorite maps app and tried to find a restaurant near you.

I think this is the cool part! You get to curate your own personalized dashboard. Just like how you pick and choose the people to follow on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter(and Snapchat?), but only get updates for education alerts, early bird sales, and other opportunities. 

The most unique feature is your ability to review events, courses & services!

The Newsletter is hosted by Substack(a really cool free to use service) and allows me to update you on what major events are happening without cluttering up your inbox, and share some pretty cool things I have found, thought about or listened too.

Well, as a trainer myself I wanted to provide a useful tool for my colleagues. So I learned how to code a website, build a database, and then connect everything together for you to use. My costs are fairly predictable, and I want to professionally work with more companies. So you have full Free access!