Help me Find a Cure For Alzheimer's Disease with The Cure Alzheimer's Fund

 FITLETE not for profit apparel branding for

FITLETE will be donating net sales directly to the Cure Alzeimer's Fund to help fund valuable hopefully breakthrough research that leads to a working cure for the disease.

This is a not for profit philanthropic project. Finding a cure for Alzheimer's means a lot to myself and my family. Being able to contribute to this effort from CureALZ fund really gives me hope. The percentage of net sales that does not get donated will simply go back into the system supporting the website and storefront.

George Pagan III and his Grandfather George Pagan in 1995My Grandfather the Original George Pagan in 1995 after a youth football championship game.  We lost.

Why I chose to donate to The Cure Alzheimer's Fund instead of other Alzheimer's organizations?

Strict Research Focused Approach

CureALZ's research grants span the various aspects or the disease from prevention, early detection, ealry action, treatments, identification. 

100% donation to the reseach

Other charities use donations & endowments to fund the entire opperation CureALZ is structured with a corporate startup like experience to allow 100% of every donation to go to research project new and existing.

Covered Overhead Expenses

The Board of Directors covers all overhead expenses like administration, and for paying full and part time employee wages to guarantee donations go to research.

340+ projects funded

$95,000,000+ have been raised and granted to reseach projects that have already had significant breakthroughs since 2004.

High & trustworthy raitings.

Charity watchdogs like Better business bureau, Guide Star, and Charity Navigator all acknowledge CureALZ as being honest and transparent.

Public Awarness Resources

CureALZ is part of and promots vasious sources of media that is easy to digest for the general population. Everything from articles, Ted Talks, Webinars and interviews.