Curious what coaching tools & technology are out there to help you hone your craft?

Burn out is the biggest cause of  young professinoals leaving the fitness industry.

Using technology & tools that can make your life easier as a coach is important. The goal is to use these resources to allow your abilities as a coach to shine through your services to clients and athletes. 

Pencils, paper, and spreadsheets are the tools of the years past. They have their time and place, but if you're still operating like it's 1998 then you're missing out on a more stress free experience in your practice.  

You don't need to be a "tech wizard", or even completely lose the tools you are currently using. However, you should start to make that transition, and I want to help you take those steps.
FITLETE Fitness professional membership to bridge the gap

Hey! I'm George Pagan III, a personal trainer working in Miami, FL, USA

 I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I don't just love it because "it's cool", but because it allows me to focus on what I really want to do with my business; bring the best experience to my clients.

Unfortunatly, the majority of the tech getting attention in the fitness industry is built to be consumer facing and not built with professionals in mind. These technologies make it difficult for trainers like you and me to find tools, explore features, and even compare similar services to one another. 

I was getting tired of only finding random reviews and always needing to ask my social network groups for recomendations and feedback. That's when I started building the Coaching Software directory.

Help me choose coaching software

Finally a way for personal trainers to pick technology based on their needs and future business plans.

Find software for online personal training
Find software for nutrition coaching
Find sofware to manage you gym location(s)
Explore Fitness, Sports Performance, Physical Rehab & Business Podcasts just for our industry.
Review & Compare Online Training / Remote Coaching Tools & Software. 
Find the best Possible options that fit within your budget.

"Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied."

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Want to Work With FITLETE?

Building relationships with like-minded companies in the fitness industry is how we work to bridge the gap between specialties and create a more unified field for all professionals. 

If you think your company can help small business/entrepreneur fitness professionals then I want to talk to you ASAP!

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