There is no need to stretch your budget to get a few promo items branded for your clients.

Your brand is unique and you don't have to have boring promotional apparel and items anymore. You have the ability to place your personality and branding on an almost unlimited amount of promotional items without buying in bulk or needing pre-sales. 


You can't afford to handcuff your budget just because you had to buy a certain volume of inventory to recieve custom branded items.

On Demand Orders

Only need one 1 item, printed in 1 size, and only once? Perfect! Now you dont have to worry about buying larger orders, and placing reorders before selling all of your inventory. One of the requirements of being included in this guide was the ability to not require any order minimums and the ability to ship to you home location or directly to your clients location. 

Unleash your creativity

Gone are the days of a 1 color outline, or text promo item. Want a pair of shorts with a full color unicorn doing a barbell squat while riding a surfboard and wearing a tank top with your logo on it? You can make it happen. You can create, alter and develop elaborate designs that showcase exactly who you are or the type of client you are trying to reach.

Find creative items to brand

Flyers might be cheap, but they rarely work when you leave them in local businesses. Use your ability to be both creative and flexible with your orders to develop real creative co-marketing opportunities with your local community businesses. You can even use your branding skills to riase money for charities and fundraisers without always fronting the cost. 

Allow others to spread the love for you

Add an e-commerce component to your business that costs you only a few dollars a year + the cost of any on demand printed items. Your not looking to become the next fitness/athletic apparel brand, but your clients can be your very own walking billboards thus doing your advertising for you by wearing your brand throughout your community.

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.