Our Fundamental Mission:

Building relationships with like-minded people & companies in the fitness industry is how we work to bridge the gap between specialties and create a more unified field for all professionals.

Meet George Pagan III

Hey! I'm George Pagan III, a fulltime self employed personal trainer working in Miami, Florida.

I am thrifty & HATE INEFFICIENCY, just hate it! It means I'm wasting valuable time, exhaustive effort, & sometimes a lot money. It's a foolish struggle, and a combination of the being thrifty and efficient are a the core of my personality.

I'm originally from upstate New York and graduated from Westfield State University in Massachusetts for sports medicine and exercise sciences in 2010. I was supposed to graduate in 2009, but after a difficult freshman year I switched majors from business administration to the Movement Sciences track, and never looked back. 

After graduating I didn't have a specific direction I wanted to take my career, so I just started gaining experience in any field possible. I simultaneously worked for a small owner operated 1-2-1 studio, an outpatient physical therapy clinic, a local fitness & racquet club, and continued my volunteer coaching with the youth football program I grew up in.

After a year or so I wanted some more experience and started applying for volunteer/post graduate internships as a college strength coach. This process eventually opened an opportunity to intern at Florida Atlantic University for their late summer and fall term. While I enjoyed the experience and met some great people I knew overall it was not the path I saw for my future.

However, I did like South Florida! My now wife and I moved down in 2012 and I've been a working as an independent personal trainer ever since. Unfortunately, this move opened my eyes a bit wider to some of the major pain points of the industry. As professionals we seem to be pointlessly dogmatic, isolated between specialties, being left behind using truly innovative technologies, and full of difficulties finding continuing education opportunities. Being new to an area was both personally and professionally isolating, and I had to do something before I lost my mind.

So, I started FITLETE to build my own projects that allow for easy access to continuing education no matter where you are in the world, a seamless flow between specialties, and find like-minded colleagues to collaborate with.