- The story and mission behind the company -

My Binder of Thoughts: The Origins of Fitlete

Fitlete was officially founded in May 2013, but started as random ideas expressed on sheets of loose leaf paper stuffed into a binder of thoughts I called "Annoying things about being an independent trainer" These thoughts were everything from problems with educational development, client/trainer interaction frustrations, and general business management information I spent hours searching for.  

I had these thoughts at times while I worked for other companies, gyms, and rehab offices only to let them fade away since I had no idea where I eventually wanted to spend my time in the fitness industry. Luckily, when I started working for myself I was exposed to a lot more entrepreurs who would talk about building value, efficiency, and how the conventional ways of doing something are often what is holding us back from growth. This fueled me to start putting together some old thoughts, and organize the new ones I wrote down to see if there was anything I could personally do. That is how FITLETE started, and to this day is still how it develops.

Developing Technology for Fitness Professionals First

We have seen a tremendous boom in consumer friendly technology that can be used in aiding someone on a fitness journey; from wearable tracking devices, nutrition tracking apps, social fitness and goal tracking technology. These are great improvements for someone who wants to improve their fitness on their own, but does little to assist the professionals working day to day in the field. Some of these tech innovations even attempt to eliminate the professionals all together by claiming to be "personal trainers in your pocket/on your phone." 
I started looking through this binder of thoughts (problems) and started making things strictly for myself. There was no business plan only me setting these simple projects up to save myself time and energy when I actually needed to use something. I was just trying to find some efficiency in running a business as a solopreneur while also developing my level of knowledge in training. 
After hours upon hours of seaching and finding similar technology resources for other industries I decided to build something myself and share it with the world. I knew I could not be the only one who was experienceing the same frustrations.

Building Relationships For Small Businesses

It's often difficult for small business and solopreneurs to build relationships/partnerships with larger organizations. The value is rarely shared evenly across the relationship making it difficult for someone to even start a conversation with these companies who offer education or business services that can help the professionals. I want to change that by building an independent organization(FITLETE) helping to even the scale of sharing value with larger organizations.  As professionals we can use our collective influence to make monumental changes with how our industry operates. Everyone has heard the phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know", and I belive that to be true regardless if it's within the personal or business frame of thought. There is value in having a network of likeminded people, and I strive to help create a bridge to allow this type of network to grow specifically for the growing field of fitness professionals.

Uniting the Industry and Bridging The Gaps

Both working professionals and businesses supplying resources need to work together to bring the best quality services to eachothers target markets, clients, and communities. Many of you have probably heard of the old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”, and understand what it means when speaking about how to treat and work with others. I believe that we can apply the same philospohy to create a greater impact to our industry. We have the chace to run along side other high quality professionals instead of running against eachothers efforts. I plan to do this by filling the gaps in relationships that other professional organizations are not able to make due to their sponsership aggreeements, affiliations, and "practical dissagrements". Let's start working together.

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.