Frequently Asked Questions

Each project will have it's own section of frequently asked questions so you can find what you are looking for easier.

FITLETE Membership

- I needed a way to bring everything together and allow likeminded professionals to hang out together. 

The FITLETE Free for Lifetime membership is the new and improved version of "The Nation by FITLETE". The Nation was the "initial testing" phase of the resource network project. In the beginning it was easier to have it seperate from other projects to test and make improvements. Over time it became more innefiecient to have all my projects seperate from eachother so I decided to bring them all together under one member login. This way you can access everything you need all in one location.

The simple answer is because that's how I wanted to make it;  I'll provide more insight. A base membership is always going to be free.  However in order to use better software and make progressive updates/improvements to the projects there is also a premium tier membership. Some features are available only to members who sign up for the premium tier, and will have a cost to them either 1 time fee or a small recurring amount depending on the nature of the project/feature.

Nope, the baseline membership is always going to be free for professionals within the industry. You will never get charged for anything unless you sign up for something with a charge. You can sign uppremium right away, sign up for the free tier and upgrade at a later date, or stay a free member forever. So there is nothing to worry about!

That's simple. The industry of fitness, performance and physical rehabilitation is an industry of small business & individuals working along side each-other, but not working together enough. We have the power to shape the industry when we present a united front across the specialities. That is why we started The Nation, literally to build a nation of professionals working together.

Not at all. Affiliate marketing and relationships imply that FITLETE receives a commission of some type when you purchase something. That's not the goal of this network because that wouldn't allow us to provide you as much benefit as possible from the companies we work with. I'd rather you get an extra discount than to receive a small commission percentage on a sale. 
Since some companies have these affiliate systems already set up we might use those types of links because it is the easiest way for a company to agree to work with us. It does not mean FITLETE receives a commission of any kind. If it does we will disclose it and run that commission directly back into the network for members. Being trustworthy & see through about this is important to me, way more important than the few dollars that might come from a rare sales referral.

If you scroll to the bottom of any page of the site you will see a link that asks if you want to build a relationship with FITLETE. Click that link, it will direct you to the relationship development page where you can fill out the form so I can get back to you quickly.✗✗✗Let me save a few minutes. I will not be accepting any relationships with companies that want to offer discounts on supplements of any kind. The only exception is if your supplement company offers something other than supplements themselves (ie. educational seminars, events, webinars, conferences, business services etc.) 
*If you are, or part of an MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling Pyramid, or whatever they are calling it these days I will not accept your offer to work together in promoting your product line, or being in your downline. 

FITLTE CEU Event Discovery Map

- The event maps is the best way for you to find events in our industry for continuing education. You no longer need to browse sites individually, or keep your fingers crossed searching google and other third party event sites like ticketmaster, eventbrite, etc. 

The CEU Maps are the best visual display of live continuing education events being held throughout the world. Looking for continuing education events has never been easier for you. One site with THOUSANDS of events that simply saves you time.

You can expect to find all of the gold standard organizations that make their information publically available, as well as the most popular, trendy, and high quality education opportunities. 
If you looking for an actual up to date list of the organizations, companies and individuals we have included thus far check out this list  available at If you don't see a company you think should be here please let me know ASAP!

The public map of events available on only displays the event information for companies we have build a relationship with. When you sign (with any membership level) you can see the rest of the 1000's of events for the current year. The easiest way to get access to the events with discounts is simply to sign in or sign up for an account. Each organizxation has their own page you can access that displays the discounts and benefits as well. We have been lucky enough to build a relationship with these organizations, making their events more visually available to you is part of our relationship. 

I really hope it's not broken! If it is, please let me know ASAP and I will get it fixed. 
Usually, when the map is blank or not showing events it just means there are no events available in that time period(month of the year). If you are viewing a zoomed in location try zooming out, the events might just be outside of your viewing window of the map. 

This can happen for a few reasons that are out of my control at the moment. 
The most popular reson is that the company has restructured their website which changed the location where they post events. 
The second most popular reason is that the event has been moved or cancelled all together. We will do our best to keep these link issues updated, but sometimes they make updates faster than we can make updates. For that I am sorry. however, we do make efforts to make crucial updates monthly on every single map we have.

FITLETE Branded Trainers On-Demand

- The ability for businesses of all sizes to create personalized brand marketing material without the typical requirements of making custom design promo material. No pre-sales, no large quantities, no inventory requirements. 

No, It is not. The BrandedPT is part of the premium membership option, you will recieve all important updates and added features for this project as long as you maintain your premium membership.

Branded PT is an information product about on demand promotional branding. It is showing you how to get almost anything branded with your logos, slogans and whatever else you want without order minimums, pre sale requirements, or monthly fees. This way you don't have to break your budget to promote your business, allows you to sell apparel and other promo items for charity without losing money from expensive software and processing fees.

-Video tutorials of "How to set up an e-commerce Store-front for 100% Free" .(hosted and self hosted)
- List of Product Printer and fulfilment specialists
- List of Product catalog and  approx. price-points  guide and shipping information.
- All Product Print files so you can create your own designs without the need of a designer all the time.
- Pre designed, Print Ready Deign files to get you started.
- Graphic design files formatted for Photoshop and Free photoshop alternatives because you need quality designs not expensive software.
- Website ready Mock up images and files for you to place your designs on.
"How to use demand only based printing in your fitness business" E-book.
"Demand only Printing vs. buying in bulk: the when and the why" E-book.
- Unlimited support in setting up and maintaining your store-front.

Branded PT is for small businesses that want and or need branded products to help market, promote and advertise for their business. 

Small businesses don't often have any use for large volume orders that traditional printers require. FITLETE shows you how to get what you need without destroying your budget. I have framed all the content and curated a list of products that work well specifically for fitness related businesses.

Absolutely you can use this!! Branded PT is meant to be used without the need for a lot of technical knowledge. Since most of us have spent our time leaning human movement sciences and not computer programming I made sure everything is easy to understand. I am only slightly comfortable with coding now and still prefer working as minial as possible with it. 

-If you or your comapny has someone who handles the technical stuff then you may choose the self hosted option which you will need some technology knowledge to get set up, but its not a requirement or any better than the hosted options.

No- Upfront Development Cost 
No- Advanced Web Knowledge 
No- Coding Required 
No- SSL Required For Collecting Debit/Credit Payments

This option will never break your budget to maintain, as the vast majority of resources are available for free! 
All the resources we have collect and add to the project are included in lifetime access. Another plus is all ther companies we have included don't require any sort of commitment what so ever. 

No- Print Logo Branding Set-up 
No- File Preparation Fees 
No- Monthly Subscriptions 
No- Membership Fees 
No- Product Order Minimums 
No- Pre Sales Required 
No- Order Commitments Needed 
No- Monthly Order Volume Requirements 
No- Product Inventory To Store 
No- Stock management (on-site or off-site)
* some of the companies in the directory do offer paid levels of service that are optional and usually means a lower cost product, but that is 100% optional and not required. Part of the filtering process was that each company had to offer a robust level of feature for free or within their free tier of membership in order to even be considered for this project. I have used it for FITLETE and for my personal training business myself and have yet to need to pay any fees outside of times where I placed an order for a product. 

FITLETE is like-minded small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spanning across the fitness, physical rehabilitation, and sports performance specialties working with eachother instead of against.