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  • HawkGrips-Logo-White-JPG
    HawkGrips IASTM

    Receive registration discounts on HawkGrip IASTM multi level education courses. Education that gives you, and your clients the upper hand on recovery from training.

  • OTP-logo
    On Target Publications

    Exclusive Discounted Bundle created just for FITLETE Nation Members. A Bundle of Books, audio lectures, video seminars, and articles Specializing in strength training, physical therapy and corrective exercise.

  • The-barbell-physio
    The Barbell Physio

    All Members Get a Discount on 2 Amazing instruction manuals built by Physical Therapist & Weightlifting performance enhancement coach Zach Long Learn to “Master The Squat” & “Olympic Lifting Technique & Mobility” From the eyes and mind of a Physio who understands your needs to perform day in and day out.

  • immaculate dissection seminars
    Immaculate Dissection Seminar

    All members get a seminar registration discount. Better learn human anatomy and how it works as a whole without the need to actually dissect a specimen. The Immaculate Dissection Seminar teaches you anatomy via painted representations of human dissections.  Taking the “Gross” out of Gross Anatomy. Putting the “Fun” back in Function.

  • strongerthanu fitness equipment
    StrongerThanU Training Equipment

    All members get a discount on the entire store catalog. Hardcore multipurpose strength training equipment. Get introduced to the convenience of the walking sled and the gut wrench. These multipurpose pieces of equipment are compact and can replace larger similar pieces of equipment you might want, but can not fit in your training facility.

  • autism fitness toolbox
    Autism Fitness Toolbox

    All members get a discount on the toolbox so you can get working and into the certification prepared. A Comprehensive step-by step guide for developing effective, appropriate, successful exercise & adaptive programs for autism and special populations. The Toolbox is what you need to start helping this population in need.

  • Free Anatomy Education
    Free Interactive Anatomy Learning

    With these free tools you can continue to educate yourself, provide interactive and visually appealing media to your clients and online community of followers.

  • Free fitness business Automation
    Free Business Automation

    Use these Free tools to automate everything that does not require your personal attention in every moment. More automation equals less stress.

  • Free email marketing
    Free Email Marketing

    Grow your email marketing efforts as your business grows. Use these full featured email marketing programs to help grow your business. Other email providers offer free tiers, but limit the really important features for the paid plans, These don’t.

  • Free Graphic Design
    Free Graphic Design Tools

    Get Professional quality graphics for your business without needing to spend money on programs like photoshop. Use these Free photoshop alternatives to gain the ability to create your own advertising and marketing material. All professional quality without the cost.

  • Free Business Bank Accounts
    Free Business Bank Accounts

    Don’t let Fees keep you from improving your business with education and tools. Business banking should not stress your wallet. You need small business banking that works for small business first.

  • Free SMS Marketing
    Free Text Marketing

    Communicate with new leads through a method of communication that’s easier than collecting their emails. Everyone Sends and receives Texts and now you can capture lead information, send files and get new sign ups.

  • Free coding education
    Free Coding Education

    Free Access to learn how to understand Website Coding. Learning to understand even basic HTML, CSS & JS will help you manage the cost of using technology for your business.

  • Free Website Live Chat
    Free Website Live Chats

    Use these Free Website Live Chat widgets to talk with your new leads while they visit your site. Answer questions in real time.

  • Free Backlinking
    Free Social Media Backlinking Tools

    Share articles like you always have on social media, but now you can link directly back to your website. Don’t lose your audience’s attention and bring them back to your own content.

  • Free Crowdfunding
    Free & No-Fee Crowdfunding

    Free Digital Fundraising Platforms. Use visual tools to promote and collect donations for your charity projects.

  • Small Business HR
    Charlie HR

    Meet Charlie, the free HR software for teams with big ideas. It’s time to step up how you treat employees.

  • revolution strong summit
    Revolution Strong Summit

    The REVOLUTION STRONG SUMMIT unites the word’s BEST minds in strength and performance to educate, inspire, and empower. An online event unlike anything else ever assembled.

  • strength coach summits

    NATION Members Get A registration Discount for PLAE Summits! Education events for strength coaches by strength coaches.

  • Never pay for an amazing picture for your marketing again
    Fitness Advertising Images

    Find the best image to express the point you want to compliment your blog articles.

  • flight payment plans
    Plane Ticket Payment Plans

    You can still go to conferences, and seminars out of town even if you don’t have the cash or room to pay up front on your credit card. Use a payment plan to buy your tickets.

  • free social scheduling

    Free to Schedule unlimited content for your social networks in one click. The Free Plan Has UNlimited Posts and unlimited connected profiles. Really easy too for Small Businesses and New Businesses.

  • free social media campaign manager

    Free Facebook Content Management for your pages. Do More than Just Schedule posts and create campaigns that look natural and deliver the right message to your audience.

  • zipbooks-xl-header

    Free accounting software & online bookkeeping specifically for small businesses. It’s just as powerful as Quickbooks without restrictions and fees to gain access to all the important features you need.

  • linktree

    FREE! Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio. Now you can keep old posts relevant when you say “LINK IN MY BIO” on your image captions.

  • STT Event Discounts
    Smarter Team Training

    FITLETE Nation Members Receive STT Events Registration discounts.

  • hrv course fitlete nation

    A deeper look at the science and mechanisms behind HRV and how to apply it in real-world situations.  FITLETE Nation Members get a course registration discount.

  • catalyst athletics discount
    Catalyst Athletics

    Get Discounts on Catalyst Athletics Live seminars and Certifications both online education and live events.

  • build a free personal training website

    A free offline drag and drop website builder. It’s so easy to use you can make a fully functional website in minutes. Build a mobile website no coding required for free. Put it online when it’s ready!

  • global performance summit discount
    Global Performance Summit

    Did you miss the Global Performance Summit and want access to watch the presentations? Top Professionals in Performance Training and CEU’s in an online summit. Get Access to the content with a VIP pass at a FITLETE Nation discounted price.

  • ClinicalAthlete Professional Network

    Get discounts on amazing seminars and courses. ClinicalAthlete is bridging the gap between clinical practices and athletic performances. Our industry operates on spectrum with the same goal for the clients and patients we work with. It’s easy to talk about bridging the gap, but ClinicalAthlete and FITLETE Nation are working to actually take action.

  • rocktape discounts

    If you are looking for Rocktape Certification discounts you have come to the right place.Learn how to properly use and administer Kinesiotaping to better serve your clients. Get Discounts On Rocktape’s FMT Basic & Performance as well as FMT Moveability courses.

  • smartlook-logo

    Free website visitor screen recording. Start learning why certain visits convert to sales and others just leave your site.  Start recording visitor activity and understand your market just a little bit better and for free.

  • yapsody fitlete nation

    A Free & No Fee ticketing platform for you to sell tickets to events for your business. No additional transaction, convenience, or hidden fees like all the other platforms.

  • Kinovea

    Looking for a Dartfish Alternative? Kinovea is a free and open source software. Analyze motion of your clients. Assess client injuries. Movement assessment software.

  • giftfly logo fitlete nation

    GiftFly gives Fitness business owners a platform to create, sell and market their own eGift cards, as well as track transactions in real-time!

  • Original Strength
    Original Strength

    Give your clients the ability to regain the strong and resilient body they once possessed.

  • Brookbush Institute Logo
    Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science

    Gain access to”The Wikipedia of Human Movement Science” for free.

    Fitlete Nation Members receive a free gift from Brookbush Institute which has provided an abundance of  evidence-based, skill-centered content that is easily accessible online combined with online courses, videos, articles and live workshops to bring your education to the next level.

  • ACL-hop-&-stop-Jeremy-Boone-AthleteByDesign
    Hop & Stop ACL Prevention and Readiness

    Take 3 minutes, perform this assessment and help prevent the most feared injury in sports and active lifestyle living. The ACL tear.

  • podcasts
    Top 42 Podcasts / Webinars Fitness Professionals Need!

    Podcasts are An amazing way to get exposure to a variety of professionals and ideas about our Industry. Use Well made Podcast to stoke the fire of your Continuing Education Journey each year.

  • Digit

    Digit automates your savings so you don’t have to think about it. Digit allows you do save small amounts every few days depending on your spending habits. You don’t have to create a budget and do more math just see if you save a some money every month.

  • Excel Training Designs
    Excel Training Designs

    If you Use Excel to structure your periodized training programs then you need to try The pre made and automated templates available. They help you better manage your time working with athletes instead of making program changes.

    Free Brand Marketing For Charity

    Put Your Brand On Everything For Free. Custom Brand apparel and promotional products for your fitness business. No Inventory, Order On Demand and Donate to charity at the same time.

  • NSCA_logo
    NSCA National Conferences

    Its Works Like Groupon But for Conferences! Take advantage of the Education and Networking Opportunities at Live Conferences with thousands of other Professionals.

  • My Fuel Up

    MyFuelUP is the only Predictive nutrition tracking application available. Other apps require you to input the food you eat and hope you did a good job. MyFuelUp actually creates a nutrition plan you can use and adjust to stay on track with your goals.

  • Mautic_Logo_LB

    Mautic is a fully-featured Free and Open Source tool for CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, E-mail Campaigns, landing pages, A/B testing, forms and on site pop ups. Small businesses typically have budgets that don’t have room for a lot of tools outside of the basics to run day to day operations.

  • Logo with Moon big

    Moonclerk is an easy to use Payment processing system that works well for independent businesses and small business operations and grows with you not against you. Accept digital payments in any way you want to with either single purchase or subscription style.

  • mat_logo
    Muscle Activation Techniques ™

    Interested in attending a Muscle Activation Techniques course? We can get you a discount to jumpstart your knowledge. GREG ROSKOPF’S Muscle Activation Techniques™ and FITLETE NATION are working together to give you better opportunity get CEU.

  • docracy-logo

    A solution to signing legally binding contracts without the struggle of the back and forth emails overloaded with PDF’s and the communication before signing is complete.

  • Fancy-Hands-Logo
    Fancy Hands

    How would your fitness business look if you had a few more free hours during the week? Staying Focused on your clients and the direction you want your business to grow without the threat of burning out!