A Friendship That Actually Helps Connect You To Your Audience

I know what you do can bring tremendous value to the professionals in our industry.

I believe that we can all grow for the better if we work together and with the same goal, instead of butting heads only as competition. I agree competition is great but, our industry is so diverse that even your direct competitors will have many members of their community that you can benefit from with a simple introduction.

That's what FITLETE Nation is.

It's a place where professionals(your target market) can come to see companies competing for business but, still aligned in their mission to elevate the industry for the better.

What Happens When We Become Friends

Trust is everything. Our members know we have their best interest as our top priority. We make that possible because of the level of transparency we have in the relationships we build.

The internet is awesome but, it's also huge and that can make it difficult to find the quality when you are sifting through the garbage. Our network prioritizes quality so current and new members can look within our network instead of searching outside of it for their next course or business tool.

Exposure on social sites is going down the tubes. AdWeek said a post is only getting a 2.6% organic reach and, this is to an audience that already liked your stuff.  That's because there is a fair amount of social sites moving towards "pay to play" advertising and algorithms that are supposed to show the "most relevant" content instead of showing everything.

We are free and we show it all to everyone.

We have members because they want to be here. We don't clutter their inbox, abuse their feed or create content that is meaningless.

We will present what you do best in order to show how beneficial you are. The incentive is that last little push that turns an observer into a participant.

Snapchat is an underrated medium to produce content. It different than any other social site and even different than any other video/ live streaming application.

It's funny because the limitations of Snapchat for the user is what makes it so awesome for the viewers. The videos and pictures are live shot with minimal edits and they are 100% authentic!

Authenticity is huge in a world of over produced content and businesses that have no personality.

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We go where your audience goes. National level conferences, seminars, events and all other events you might not be making an appearance at; we will be there together.

As we grow we will be able to be apart of all the major events as our volunteer regional directors will be there representing FITLETE and, wherever FITLETE Nation goes so do you.

Age Groups

Introduce Yourself

Thanks for taking the time to consider working with us. ~ George Pagan III