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Live events are the best of both worlds. Interactive education, making friends, and networking.

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Live events cost money. Let us help you with a discount or get something extra when you sign up.

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You never have to attend a large event not knowing anyone who's going. Your group is here.

  • HawkGrips-Logo-White-JPG

    HawkGrips IASTM

    Receive registration discounts on HawkGrip IASTM multi level education courses. Education that gives you, and your clients the upper hand on recovery from training.

  • immaculate dissection seminars

    Immaculate Dissection Seminar

    All members get a seminar registration discount. Better learn human anatomy and how it works as a whole without the need to actually dissect a specimen. The Immaculate Dissection Seminar teaches you anatomy via painted representations of human dissections.  Taking the “Gross” out of Gross Anatomy. Putting the “Fun” back in Function.

  • autism fitness toolbox

    Autism Fitness Toolbox

    All members get a discount on the toolbox so you can get working and into the certification prepared. A Comprehensive step-by step guide for developing effective, appropriate, successful exercise & adaptive programs for autism and special populations. The Toolbox is what you need to start helping this population in need.

  • strength coach summits


    NATION Members Get A registration Discount for PLAE Summits! Education events for strength coaches by strength coaches.

  • STT Event Discounts

    Smarter Team Training

    FITLETE Nation Members Receive STT Events Registration discounts.

  • catalyst athletics discount

    Catalyst Athletics

    Get Discounts on Catalyst Athletics Live seminars and Certifications both online education and live events.

  • ClinicalAthlete Professional Network


    Get discounts on amazing seminars and courses. ClinicalAthlete is bridging the gap between clinical practices and athletic performances. Our industry operates on spectrum with the same goal for the clients and patients we work with. It’s easy to talk about bridging the gap, but ClinicalAthlete and FITLETE Nation are working to actually take action.

  • rocktape discounts


    If you are looking for Rocktape Certification discounts you have come to the right place.Learn how to properly use and administer Kinesiotaping to better serve your clients. Get Discounts On Rocktape’s FMT Basic & Performance as well as FMT Moveability courses.

  • Original Strength

    Original Strength

    Give your clients the ability to regain the strong and resilient body they once possessed.

  • Brookbush Institute Logo

    Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science

    Gain access to”The Wikipedia of Human Movement Science” for free.

    Fitlete Nation Members receive a free gift from Brookbush Institute which has provided an abundance of  evidence-based, skill-centered content that is easily accessible online combined with online courses, videos, articles and live workshops to bring your education to the next level.

  • NSCA_logo

    NSCA National Conferences

    Its Works Like Groupon But for Conferences! Take advantage of the Education and Networking Opportunities at Live Conferences with thousands of other Professionals.

  • Find CEU events in your Area

    Fitness Events

    The Most Comprehensive Calendar of Events for the Health, Rehab, Performance & Fitness disciplines. The only place you need to look for events in your area every month. Copy the event directly to your Google or IOS calendar.

  • evidence based fitness academy

    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

    Sign up for FITLETE Nation and receive a discount when registering for Evidence Based Fitness Academy Events.

  • PRI_logo

    Postural Restoration Institute

    Explore and explain the science of postural adaptations, asymmetrical patterns and the influence of poly-articular chains of muscles. Learn about an innovative treatment that addresses the primary contributions of postural kinematic movement dysfunction.

  • iyca_logo_on_white-01

    International Youth Conditioning Association

    The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier international authority with respect to athletic development and youth participant-based conditioning.

  • mat_logo

    Muscle Activation Techniques ™

    Interested in attending a Muscle Activation Techniques course? We can get you a discount to jumpstart your knowledge. GREG ROSKOPF’S Muscle Activation Techniques™ and FITLETE NATION are working together to give you better opportunity get CEU.