Free Tools to help you run a business without touching your budget

Some amazing people have created all this stuff for you to use and it's free. Not Free for a limited time, or a 30 day free trial. It's Free and open to use for all.

  • Free Anatomy Education

    Free Interactive Anatomy Learning

    With these free tools you can continue to educate yourself, provide interactive and visually appealing media to your clients and online community of followers.

  • Free fitness business Automation

    Free Business Automation

    Use these Free tools to automate everything that does not require your personal attention in every moment. More automation equals less stress.

  • Free email marketing

    Free Email Marketing

    Grow your email marketing efforts as your business grows. Use these full featured email marketing programs to help grow your business. Other email providers offer free tiers, but limit the really important features for the paid plans, These don’t.

  • Free Graphic Design

    Free Graphic Design Tools

    Get Professional quality graphics for your business without needing to spend money on programs like photoshop. Use these Free photoshop alternatives to gain the ability to create your own advertising and marketing material. All professional quality without the cost.

  • Free Business Bank Accounts

    Free Business Bank Accounts

    Don’t let Fees keep you from improving your business with education and tools. Business banking should not stress your wallet. You need small business banking that works for small business first.

  • Free SMS Marketing

    Free Text Marketing

    Communicate with new leads through a method of communication that’s easier than collecting their emails. Everyone Sends and receives Texts and now you can capture lead information, send files and get new sign ups.

  • Free coding education

    Free Coding Education

    Free Access to learn how to understand Website Coding. Learning to understand even basic HTML, CSS & JS will help you manage the cost of using technology for your business.

  • Free Website Live Chat

    Free Website Live Chats

    Use these Free Website Live Chat widgets to talk with your new leads while they visit your site. Answer questions in real time.

  • Free Backlinking

    Free Social Media Backlinking Tools

    Share articles like you always have on social media, but now you can link directly back to your website. Don’t lose your audience’s attention and bring them back to your own content.

  • Free Crowdfunding

    Free & No-Fee Crowdfunding

    Free Digital Fundraising Platforms. Use visual tools to promote and collect donations for your charity projects.

  • Small Business HR

    Charlie HR

    Meet Charlie, the free HR software for teams with big ideas. It’s time to step up how you treat employees.

  • Never pay for an amazing picture for your marketing again

    Fitness Advertising Images

    Find the best image to express the point you want to compliment your blog articles.

  • flight payment plans

    Plane Ticket Payment Plans

    You can still go to conferences, and seminars out of town even if you don’t have the cash or room to pay up front on your credit card. Use a payment plan to buy your tickets.

  • free social scheduling


    Free to Schedule unlimited content for your social networks in one click. The Free Plan Has UNlimited Posts and unlimited connected profiles. Really easy too for Small Businesses and New Businesses.

  • free social media campaign manager


    Free Facebook Content Management for your pages. Do More than Just Schedule posts and create campaigns that look natural and deliver the right message to your audience.

  • zipbooks-xl-header


    Free accounting software & online bookkeeping specifically for small businesses. It’s just as powerful as Quickbooks without restrictions and fees to gain access to all the important features you need.

  • linktree


    FREE! Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio. Now you can keep old posts relevant when you say “LINK IN MY BIO” on your image captions.

  • build a free personal training website


    A free offline drag and drop website builder. It’s so easy to use you can make a fully functional website in minutes. Build a mobile website no coding required for free. Put it online when it’s ready!

  • smartlook-logo


    Free website visitor screen recording. Start learning why certain visits convert to sales and others just leave your site.  Start recording visitor activity and understand your market just a little bit better and for free.

  • yapsody fitlete nation


    A Free & No Fee ticketing platform for you to sell tickets to events for your business. No additional transaction, convenience, or hidden fees like all the other platforms.

  • Kinovea


    Looking for a Dartfish Alternative? Kinovea is a free and open source software. Analyze motion of your clients. Assess client injuries. Movement assessment software.

  • Digit


    Digit automates your savings so you don’t have to think about it. Digit allows you do save small amounts every few days depending on your spending habits. You don’t have to create a budget and do more math just see if you save a some money every month.


    Stop Using PDF and Excel to invoice your clients. If you are reluctant to adopt some technology in your business this is a great place to start. Invoices have been used for years and you are probably using them offline right now. This service is free and lets you create invoices and accept payments via credit/debit directly.

  • docracy-logo


    A solution to signing legally binding contracts without the struggle of the back and forth emails overloaded with PDF’s and the communication before signing is complete.