Here are some of the top questions asked by future members

If you have more questions feel free to email

It's Easy simply sign up for a Free Membership. by clicking one of the "Join the Nation" links throughout the site. You can find one directly in the site menu above, and on the home page here.

Right now for a limited time only It costs you $0.00. Yes, Free!

We have 2 levels for membership.

The first level is called "Limited" and it only give you access to any Free Resources. This level of membership is also for anyone that does not qualify as a member of the fitness industry. For example if you are an attorney and do not train clients, treat patients, manage, or own a facility then you will be classified as a Limited access member.

The second level is the Full Access only available to fellow professionals fitness industry professionals.

Your membership status will be decided at your initial sign up.

If you receive a Limited access status and believe that you deserve full access, you can send us an Email and we will review your request and profile information.

I swear we review the request for full access membership made to our email as fast as we can. This might take a few days depending on the number of requests that come to us.

If you think it has been too long since your request feel free to send us another email as a pick in the pants, and I apologize in advance.

Like I said before if you are a Limited access member you will have access only to the Free Resources. Full Access will have access to everything.

Your profile will provide access to all the member benefits separated into relevant categories for easy navigation.

Along with any discounts, perks, gifts etc. some resources, or product will also have tutorials, reviews and examples of use to make it easier for you to understand how to use it.

It's Free because I say it is!!

No, In all seriousness it's free because I know the real value is in the products, services, courses, seminars, etc. hat are offered in the network.

Some people think I should charge for access to the relationships built within the network but, I don't. Plus I like helping people, and made sure this membership site is maintained at very, very low cost.

I hope you Enjoy! It's happily provided to you for free.

Nope. I like building relationships. The relationships are built and maintained with your best interest at heart. I try as best I can to avoid the affiliate commission model. If a company wants to use the affiliate system they already have in place we will use it under 2 conditions.

  1. Try to negotiate the commission we would get for referring you into an additional discount for you instead.
  2. If we can not, or the company's system can not redistribute on their side then we will be open and clear about all commissions allocated to us . We will then redistribute the commissions directly back into the membership in the form of gifts, freebies, giveaways, sponsorships, and awesome "thank you's" to our members.

The affiliate relationship is cool, but I would rather you get the extra percentage discount or perks.

By being friendly and establishing a line of communication with the organization.

It's old school, but in an industry and world of impersonal communication some friendly talking is a great place to build a friendship


Suggestions are taken very seriously, because it shows you really want something, and saves us from always finding them on our own. We can also use suggestions as leverage in helping us build more relationships when connecting with businesses.

Oh, man I would love the help. If you are willing to volunteer your time to improve the industry through this project It would mean the world to me.

Send Me An Email and let me know how you would like to help!

Here are some Top Questions asked by companies when I ask to build a relationship.

If you have more questions feel free to email

This is a one stop shop hub or directory for the exact demographics you are currently marketing to reach.

We are bringing people with different backgrounds in the industry together under one roof.

The overwhelming majority of businesses in the fitness industry are independant operators, and small teams; we give them the opportunity to unite with other like minded professionals.

It costs you only a few email conversations. Other than that it is FREE to join and maintain a relationship.

Before I started building the site I did a lot of research because I already knew I wanted this to be a Free/Not For Profit Project.

That means almost everything you see on the site was put together with Open Source technology, and done so by yours truly. Maintenance is low and pretty much automated.

The biggest cost is the time that I put in reaching out to, and communicating with organizations like yours to join the network.

Since It is free the only thing I ask of a business before making them an official listing in the network is that you provide a benefit for our current and future members.

You can be as creative with this benefit as you want. We will discuss some of that in our emails as well. To give you an example 3 of the most popular options are % discounts,dollar amount discounts and free trials.

No, I do not want to devalue what you do and your business. If you believe discounting the price is devaluing then feel free to suggest another option.  That is where things like Add-ons, extended free trials, additional support, live communication, and anything you can think of that is a creative incentive.