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Is Your Budget Is Tighter Than A Pair of Compression Leggings?

We Create Awesome Tools, Get You Access To Discounted CEU Courses & Feature Free Technology That Makes It Easier To Run Your Business

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Technology that allows you train clients the way that's best for them. It's not about fancy features,new data or creating new social networks. It's about training and,
Results are top priority.

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The Nation
A Free Resource Network for Small Businesses. The individual members we have can now to take advantage of special programs, prices and discounts regardless of the size of their organization
There is power in Numbers

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Fit Apparel
Free Apparel Branding that you can use to spread your mission throughout your community both local and Social.
Let your clients be your walking billboards
and storytellers for your brand.

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Personal Training Software built for real world situations.

I have a question for you.
How effective is the best Coaching, Training, or Diet plan if you can't actually follow through with it?

Start building Programs that are optimized for life.

Let's face it, life can be a mess. We all have times when hectic schedules and unanticipated events can rocket us off our path or, out of our normal routines.
Kids home sick from school on a random Tuesday. Maybe that work meeting goes way longer than expected or,your car broke down in the rain and you have no cell reception.
Even the best plan can be derailed if it's not flexible for change.
"AIM" by Fitlete lets you and your clients AIM for a goal, CALIBRATE for life on the go and EXECUTE to best hit the target with consistency.
Create the best plan for your clients without losing the flexibility they might need in the day to day grind of life.

The Nation

A Free Community/Network for Health & Fitness Professionals to take advantage of the power in being a united group.
Our goal is to provide our members with resources that bring value to your growing business and educational needs.

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The Nation is the not for profit division of FITLETE that helps independent,freelance and small business owners gain access to benefits typically reserved for larger organizations. Small businesses make up the bulk of our industry and it's time we work alongside one another instead of only competing against each other.
We build relationships on your behalf with companies that offer/provide value to your education and business needs:

  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Business Management Tools
  • Personal Training Tools
  • Brand Marketing/Advertising Tools
  • Social Media Services
  • Existing Technology Introductions
  • Product Discounts

Fit Apparel

How Many Walking & Talking Billboards Do You Have?

It's all about getting your brand seen by everyone without ruining your budget.

Let us create and manage a storefront for you.
This way you can focus on your current clients and funnel new leads to become full time clients.
You still have full control of your marketing and advertising, we just make it easier for you to execute.
We work with the suppliers & printers for you. This saves you from headaches and time consuming tasks that ultimately cost you more than you thought.
All stores are "On Demand" which means custom order minimums are as low as 1 item.
No pre-sale orders
No Inventory or overstocked products.
No Shipping headaches

The best part is we do it all at no cost to you. Yes, you heard that correct...FREE!